SELVA ROSSA - Ire Ad Patres (Digipak CD)



SELVA ROSSA was born from the concept of creating a testimony of the medieval, esoteric and mystic roots of the territory of Bologna, Italy. SELVA ROSSA was the title of Bologna during the middle ages, due to its appearance made of intricate maze of towers and conspiracies, for which the austere and violent aspect reflects in the basis of the music.

SELVA ROSSA are not politicized. They are separatist. They do not relate to any political group, but anyone that bears offense to the city is considered an enemy.

The CD is packaged in a 4 panel digipak with an 8 page lyric & art booklet.

Colonne In Perpetuo
Alzati Petroniano
Ire Ad Patres
La Fiamma Sulla Torre
Fero E Aposa
L’Ombra Di Anteo
La Compagnia Della Morte
L’Eroe Dimenticato
Sub Noctem

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