More crazy old school blackened speed metal from OPHICVS. The cassettes come with a full lyric insert and custom beer koozie to keep your brew chilled. Limited copies on hand!

“The second full length album by OPHICVS titled Pale Motorider was originally released in 2015 to a limited pressing of 300 digipack CDs. Pale Motorider is the album that i couldn’t get enough of and brought me to release Machine Gun Reaper upon you earlier this year. Austenitized Records will with great honor be re-issuing this now sold out/out of print, slayer of an album on pro Cassette for the first time.

OPHICVS (Of NarcoMetal machette mercenario’s Lucera) A Colombian native who now resides in Ohio is a Solo artist with a taste for classic heavy metal rock’n’roll. Imagine Infusing these sounds with the raw, menacing, and aggressive production practices influenced by Medellin’s Ultra Metal movement and you will have a idea of what kind of damage your senses are in for.”

*Up to 3 Cassettes can ship for the price of one. This deluxe item counts as 2 Cassettes



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