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This compilation includes material from the Tears of the Weeping Willow, Lost Woods and Immrama demos as well as two rare compilation tracks and one unreleased track. Black shell cassette tapes with gold imprint with color Jcard sealed in a clear box. Ships with a 1.25″ pin back button & digital album download code. Limited to 100 copies.

*Up to 3 Cassettes can ship for the price of one.

The Autumn Moon
Horned is the Hunter
Return to Infra-Green
Call of the Dark Sea
Occultus Jubelium
Echoes of Knowledge in Ancient Stone
Dark and Ancient Visions
Cad Goddeu (The Battle of the Trees)
Into Glory We Ride
The Imbolc Stag
The Dryad’s Oath
Funeral March

Harken ye dwellers of stone fortresses and hear again that ancient call of the forest. Listen to the Celtic, earthy melodies of Cernunnos Woods and hear the singing of the trees once again. Feel yourself connect with the land once more, the rhythm of stream and wind in ancient Druidic rituals. Feel the green sun on your face once again. Shake off the metals of industry and embrace again that ancient, primal spirit. Embark on a journey through ancient, long forgotten lands. Discover what the world thought long lost, embroidered in the cold mists and forbidding fogs.

Feel the sweeping synth of nostalgia, the old synth sound that blends fantasy and history in our minds. Never forgetting the history, the face, the shape, the sound, the echo of the lands around us. The captured sounds of ancient ancestral pride carrying us again into battles forgotten by ink and scribe yet remembered still but rock and root. That stirring in the heart? It’s the megalithic, ancient sound that lies slumbering in all of us. Let it awaken once more with the wondrous melodies of Cernunnos Woods, captured sounds pulled straight from the land itself.

-Arthyr Sombulmancer

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