CATACOMBS ENSHADOWED - Curse of Dark Centuries (CD)



CATACOMBS ENSHADOWED was born under the Master’s spell by a nameless devotee of unknown origin. Inspired by the ominous synth of  early Mortiis and Lamentation, as well as the spirit of early black metal bands such as Abruptum, Demoncy, Archgoat, and Master’s Hammer. CATACOMBS ENSHADOWED creates eldritch dark dungeon music with morbid and funereal atmospheres. The debut offering ‘Curse of Dark Centuries’ is rooted in the melancholic traditions of the past, with seven doleful hymns of wampyric darkness. Kneel before the black altar and embrace the curse!

PACKAGING: 4 panel digipak. Includes 1.25″ pin back button and download code for the digital album.

*Up to 3 Digipak CDs can ship for the price of one.



It’s time to return to the roots of dungeon synth. It’s time to return to the days of dark, shadow enthroned melodies that instill that deep sense of wonder and mysticism. Curse of Dark Centuries is a breath of foul dungeon air. The music plods and reverbs and resounds off the castle walls, creating an atmosphere that cannot be denied. Return, ye frail mortals, to the days where black metal ruled from its profane throne and dungeon synth enacted its will upon the unsuspecting townsfolk. Return to those days where the melodies of the keyboard radiated with haunting folkish melodies.

Sulk through the shadows and revel in the darkness as Catacombs Enshadowed brings its offering of dark, entrancing melodies. Feel the freezing air as the moon rises in the sky, feel the dread as the whispers of the dead begin to outweigh those of the living. Listen to the spell of the music, listen to the beauty that only darkness can reveal to you.

Remember the days of old, when wizards and knights alike feared the light of the full moon. Feel that power the can only exist in the harmonizing of pipe organs and the howl of the northern wind.  Mourn with eerie choir voices as the specters of the past fade from reality to legend in the mists of time. Hail the darkest of rituals as dungeon synth rises once more for the black night and breathes morbid melodies into the cold medieval air.

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