CARNIFEXIAN - Age Of Spiked Mace (CD)


From the shores of the Baltic Sea comes a mysterious stranger with an old axe on his back and an old book in his hands. A black hood conceals his many secrets, but fear not; he is here to tell you a story. A story told beneath the banner of old school dungeon synth, hearkening back to dark medieval times – when not every hero was good and not every tale told held a happy ending. Rest thy weary bones by the fire and behold the legend of Carnifexian.

Available in a pro-printed 4 panel digipak with a bonus remix track. Includes 1.25″ collector pin and download code for the digital album.

Cover art by Bard Algol (Cernunnos Woods)


*Up to 3 Digipak CDs can ship for the price of one.



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