Abramelin Oil Fragrance 1 Dram (Wearable Fragrance)


Abramelin Oil is an ancient incense blend used in ceremonial magic but is also fantastic as an unforgettable exotic wearable fragrance when anointed to warm areas of the body (neck, underarms, inner elbows, forehead). Strongly male and firey in presentation owing to its combination of aromatic woods, myrrh and galangal or galbanum depending upon availability.  The fragrant oils in the raw ingredients are extracted via steam distillation to produce 100% pure essential oils.

Abramelin Oil Fragrance is packaged in 1 dram amber vials and is ready for topical use on your skin as a wearable fragrance when you receive it.  Unlike commercial fragrances these contain no alcohol and are simply essential fragrances suspended in pure almond oil*.

*If you are allergic to peanuts or other nuts we strongly advise that you DO NOT use these oil based products.


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