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TORCHLIGHT – Woods of Spellbound Ruins (DAP076)

Dark Age productions is pleased to present the latest album from Italy’s TORCHLIGHT following in the sensuous flowing vein of their album The Long Quest.

“Woods of Spellbound Ruins” is conceived as an exploration of wild places that cloak ancient ruins of an unknown kingdom, long decayed.

The songs’ titles act as reference points for the listener, coordinates that allow him not to get lost in these deep woods.

Very old monuments, ruined cathedrals and chapels, crumblin’ towers showing the scraped coats of arms of forgotten dynasties. Drained and ruined fountains, statues of unknown kings and queens that recall ancient glorious eras: everything is under the spell cast by the incessant becoming, by the flowing of the centuries.

Everything seems still in those spellbound woods, but there is an invisible and silent struggle between the natural cyclical alternation and the tragic desire for persistence.

All that remains of this desire is covered by the solemn empire of ivy, roots and leaves, who declares his victory, slowly and forever erasing all human traces.

Available now! The latest Torchlight album on yellow shelled pro-cassettes with forest green imprint in clear norelco case. Orders from Dark Age include a free 4 inch shape cut Torchlight logo sticker.

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