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The 3rd edition of  Torchlight The Long Quest features a full color jcard with smokey tinted shells imprinted with autumnal gold . Includes a 1.25″ Torchlight logo pin badge.

“The Long Quest is conceived as a journey into a dreamland where pristine nature reigns and unknown creatures living in it. Plants, trees and elements of the Earth show anthropomorphic traits and communicate with other living things in a telepathic way, without using a codified language. The backbone of the whole album is supported by the sound of an organ that recalls the reverberations of this communication between creatures that live in this magical land. In the background, drums coming from the depths of the caverns, choirs from the ruins of the temples, pads that hold mesmeric arpeggios. This journey will bring Torchlight to get in touch with the primordial essence of life: a long quest for hidden and forgotten beauty, whose vision is only possible through a long journey and a meditation of the mighty wonders of creation.”

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Weight 2.5 oz

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