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TALES UNDER THE OAK – The Toad Folk (DAP083)

Dark Age Productions is very pleased to present The Toad Folk, the latest chapter from the folkloric dungeon synth project TALES UNDER THE OAK. Featuring eight unique and memorable compositions along with four narrated short stories and a guest appearance by HOLE DWELLER. Combined with the masterful artwork of Barandash, The Toad Folk deepens the realm of the swamp kingdom!

Cassette album is on snow white shells with forest green imprint. Includes the new Boat Toad poster.

“Dark winter’s coming, little fellow
And every song is getting mellow
The folks are gathered round the hearth
To talk and think about their path

Before we see the light of day
The time is right to hear a tale
One tale or two: of winds and fires
To soothe adventurous desires
A tale of simple folks and kings,
Of ancient sorceries and rings
For every taste I’ll find a word
About a bug, about a toad

Now listen, bog and dungeon dweller,
My name is Krogg the Storyteller
I’m waiting, friend, this is your turn
To choose a tale that keeps us warm”


Music and Narrative by Tales Under The Oak
Voice Actor: Peter Walters
Artist: Vitaliy Ilyin (Barandash)
Additional Music: Hole Dweller

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