NORMANPEX – A Chronicler From Normanpex (CASSETTE)


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NORMANPEX – A.Chronicler.From.Normanpex (DAP058)

Dark Age Productions is proud to present the second album from dungeon synth artist Normanpex from Australia. Within the great urban domain of Normanpex, as the Vernhart Festival rages on its cobblestone streets, an office is occupied by a chronicler. He sits at his desk, writing a compendium about the city and its empire, detailing their histories and all that makes them great. Unbothered by the faint noise of chatter and laughter, he approaches its completion. His collection of accounts is long and detailed, elaborating Norm yore for the enlightenment of the reader. To benefit your knowledge, here are some of those stories.

Available now on sky clear cassette tapes with sooty black imprint. Includes a two sided j-card, 16 page micro booklet of art and text by O.Ashley in a clean and white norelco case. Packaged in a drawstring satchel with a Normanpex logo pin. Limited to 100 copies.



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