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HUMANCAVE – Skapeti (DAP073)

Pro-duplicated cassette audio loaded into smokey tint shells with ash white pad imprint and 4 panel two sided jcard in a hard shell Norelco case. Includes a Humancave heraldic shield pin.

“Skapeti” is a dungeon synth album that quietly pays homage to myths, landscapes and old traditional agricultural life in rural Crete.

Drawing references from traditional Cretan rural life, “Skapeti” is deeply rooted in the history of the island, from its traces back to the very first civilization in Europe until current ongoing traditions and practices of farmer families.

Away from urban centers, peasants there are autarkic and one with nature, in perfect balance with the rich landscapes that surround them, living all across the forest areas, mountains, valleys and gorges. The album glorifies the figure of the simple farmer as an authentic hero from all periods of times, as one that has approached real societal independence and with true respect for the origins of the earth.

“Skapeti” refers to the customs of different seasons, natural spots and ancient mythology of Crete, as an experience from its more isolated, permanent inhabitants of the island’s villages, who maintain a much more primitive, ascetic lifestyle that comes from many generations before them. ”

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Limited to 100 copies.

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