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FROSTGARD – Tales from Nan Elmoth   (DAP080)

Available soon! Dark Age Productions is pleased to announce the upcoming cassette album release of the 3rd album from Spanish dungeon synth artist Frostgard. This cassette album will be on black smoke tinted pro-cassettes with moonlight silver imprint and full color 2 sided Jcard insert. Copies ordered direct from the label also includes a 4 inch black & white Frostgard vinyl decal sticker.

This is a pre-order item currently in production at the factory. Exact release date is an estimate.

The forest of Nan Elmoth hides a sad and brooding history. Aredhel Ar-Feiniel, the pale lady of the Noldor, lived there under the spell of Eöl, the dark elf. However, she always longed for the walls of the hidden city, the beautiful Gondolin. Unfortunately, the journey of Aredhel and her son Maeglin to Gondolin would lead to death. Maeglin’s arrival in Gondolin was only the beginning of the end of the history of this once proud kingdom, now reduced to ashes by the hosts of Morgoth.

All music recorded and performed by Sisslith.

Voice on “Of Maeglin and the Death of a Star” by Lord of Time (Arcana Liturgia).

Artwork by Joan Llopis Doménech.

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