ERYTHRITE THRONE – Beheading the Seraphim (CASSETTE)


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ERYTHRITE THRONE – Beheading the Seraphim    (DAP071)

Erythrite Throne presents a very special release; Beheading the Seraphim features a guest vocalist performing in their own way on each of the albums 13 tracks track. Beheading the Seraphim is a veritable compendium of the dark ambient / dungeon synth scene. Featuring artists across the history of the genre and yet still fits perfectly in the ever-growing number of releases by Erythrite Throne and it’s creator, Wyrm.

Available now on transparent blood red shells with white ink imprint and two sided Jcard.

Includes an Erythrite Throne logo pin.

Limited to 100 copies!

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Weight 2.5 oz

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