ERYTHRITE THRONE – As Shadows Crawl from the Eclipse (CASSETTE) PRE-ORDER



ERYTHRITE THRONE – As Shadows Crawl from the Eclipse   (DAP056)

In blackened crypts the scent of old blood fills the air and blasphemous howls are carried on the mephitic winds. Erythrite Throne harkens back to the early days of black ambient before the name dungeon synth was spawned and audio creations were curdled in the blood and soul of black metal.
Warning: there is no metal on this album it is pure black spells of destruction – listen by candlelight!

Available soon on blood red pro-cassette with lamp black imprint and a two sided, full color 4 panel J-card in a black and clear norelco case. Includes an Erythrite Throne logo pin.

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* Up to 3 cassettes can ship for the price of one worldwide.


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Weight 2.5 oz