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This is a newly printed vintage style hot peel iron on transfer graphic. Just like the kind used in underground t-shirt shops of the 1970s & 1980s. This one features the original Dark Age Productions wizard icon with the fog swirling at his feet printed in white ink. The image size is approximately 12 inches x 12 inches.

The ink used on these transfers is Plastisol (not inkjet sublimation), this is the same ink used to screen print graphics on T-shirts except this design is screen printed in reverse on a sheet of special paper. This allows you to transfer it to the 100% cotton garment of your choice (T-shirt, jean jacket, cloth tote bag, etc) using a clothing iron or professional heat press.

Transfers are shipped flat in a large sturdy Kraft bubble mailer.

* You can add an additional 5 iron ons, 2 Cassette Tapes, 2 Digipak CDs or 1 Jewelcase CD for no extra shipping cost. For iron on orders of more than 3 pieces contact us for a custom paypal invoice so you will be charged the correct amount for shipping.



1. Lay your garment flat on a table and smooth all wrinkles and heat up your iron to the “cotton” setting (350*F / 175*C usually this is the highest setting on the iron). Use the hot iron to smooth the area where you will place the image.

2. Once the fabric has cooled place your image  (tacky print side down) on the shirt and ensure it’s centered and not tilted. TIP: The top edge of t-shirt graphics are generally 3 inches / 8 cm below the bottom hem of the neck.

3. Set a timer for 4 minutes and starting in the middle of the graphic go slowly and smoothly over the entire image with your hot iron, paying particular attention to the edges of the design. After your first pass use a heavier pressure moving around the image until the timer goes off.

4. Once the time is up try to quickly peel the transfer paper from the graphic while it’s still hot. Watch the separation carefully, if it seems stuck and does not release stop pulling on the paper and keep ironing the stuck section for a few seconds until it releases. It’s ok if the paper darkens slightly from the iron just keep it moving so the ink doesn’t change color.

5. Once the paper is off and the image is applied, allow the shirt to cool. Once cooled it can be worn immediately. Please allow the image to cure to the fabric for at least 48 hours before attempting to wash it.

6. Don’t forget to unplug your iron!

HEAT PRESS OWNERS: If you have a professional heat press you can set it for 350*F/175*C for 7 seconds (contact time) and use heavy pressure to apply our transfers. Peel off the transfer sheet immediately do not allow it to cool.

Washing & Care: Same as with any screen printed item, cool water is best.

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