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ARCANA LITURGIA – The Grey Wanderer   (DAP081)

“And here we are, adventurers,
to tell the story of the Grey Wanderer.
There were times when a man could push himself
to the edge of the known world,
see the white towers of the glittering city
and cross the Jade Sea …
There was a man who saw this and much more.
Sit by the fireplace and listen…”

Dark Age Productions is proud to announce the cassette album release of The Grey Wanderer from legendary Italian dungeon synth artist ARCANA LITURGIA! Featuring over sixty minutes of true epic medieval dark ambient captured in silvery grey mist colored shells stamped with a lamp black imprint.

Orders direct from Dark Age include an A3 size magazine style pull-out poster of Lord of Time.

All music composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by Lord Of Time
at Khazad-Dûm studio, anno MMXXII

Voice on “A forlorn way to the lost kingdom” by Lord of Time

Cover art by Silvana Massa Art

Cassette & poster layout by Bard Algol / Dark Age Productions

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Weight 2.5 oz

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