DAP’s Bard Algol Founds Wax Wrappers

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Dark Age Productions founder Bard has been testing and experimenting in his lab until he found the alchemical gold he was looking for. A way to revive the vintage wax pack style paper wrappers that used to go around trading cards and stickers up until about 1990 and suddenly went extinct with the modern foil wrappers seen on cards today. If you search the web people have been looking for ways to get these wraps or simulate them with wax paper, clear stickers and glue. Now the real deal will be available on demand for anyone who needs them!

Wax Wrappers will begin producing custom wax pack wrappers in January 2021 with print runs open to anyone with a minimum order size of just 25 wrappers. Perfect for non-sport cards, artist cards, music labels, indie brands and trading card hobbyists. You can check out the new website below.


Wax Wrapper wax pack prototype waxwrappers.com

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