Catacombs Enshadowed US dungeon synth dark ambient black metal vampiric atmosphereDark Age Productions is proud to announce the signing of CATACOMBS ENSHADOWED for the release of the debut album Curse of Dark Centuries on cassette tape.

CATACOMBS ENSHADOWED was born under the Master’s spell by a nameless devotee of unknown origin. Inspired by the ominous synth of Mortiis (Era I) and Lamentation, as well as the spirit of early black metal bands such as Abruptum, Demoncy, Archgoat, and Master’s Hammer. CATACOMBS ENSHADOWED creates eldritch dark dungeon music with morbid and funereal atmospheres. The debut offering ‘Curse of Dark Centuries’ is rooted in the melancholic traditions of the past, with seven doleful hymns of wampyric darkness. Kneel before the black altar and embrace the curse!

Curse of Dark Centuries will be issued on Cassette Tape in 100 copies with silver imprint on black shells. More details to be announced.


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