AKHKHARU Signs With Dark Age Productions

Akhkharu dark ambient ritual industrial dungeon synthDark Age Productions is extremely proud to announce the signing of AKHKHARU for a re-issue of their long sold-out album Nos Noctium Dominarium on limited edition Cassette and CD in 2017. More details to be announced.

Vampyric Magick, Vampyre Music
Our Law is Blood, Silence is Our Method

1995… Akhkharu was summoned forth from an astral sleep when a great and shadowed calling issued forth from the lips of Tehom. The altar of Malkuth was set forth and the two querents gathered the ancient knowledge from shadowed scrolls to set forth a gathering of immortals.

2016… The Law is Chaos, as Apophis we devour and drink the life, Immortal Black Adept who knows the mysteries of the Black Order of the Dragon. Our Law is Blood, Silence is our method. From flesh to spirit and into the material world again we may go, trespassing all laws as ours is Chaos.


Akhkharu is dark ambient / ritual industrial
⊙ Annuna Ki (Brian Artwick): Music & Audio Sorcery
⊙ Akhtya Nachttoter (Michael W. Ford): Script & Vocal Evocation

DROCHTUARACH Signs With Dark Age Productions

Drochtuarach artist photo dungeon synthDark Age Productions is proud to announce the signing of UK artist DROCHTUARACH. The music of Drochtuarach draws influence from dark ambient, noise and dungeon synth music. He founded the project and released his debut album “Along A Velvet Night” in mid 2016.

His music has received airplay on Belgian radio. He has past collaborations with the artist Diemazz for their joint ritualistic ambient project DRYAD. Drochtuarach has written and recorded music in collaboration with installation artist, musician and writer Kasja Noova with whom he has future music planned.

His newest work, “Vespers of Prideful Scorn” will be released by Dark Age Productions in 2017 on limited edition Cassette, CD and Digital.


DRACHENEUER Cassettes Available Now

Drachenfeuer Realm of Light Cassettes cinematic Tolkien dark ambient dungeon synthThe DRACHENFEUER Realm of Light cassette tapes have arrived! Featuring over 100 minutes of Tolkien inspired cinematic dark ambient.
Professionally duplicated on ChromePlus tape in misty mountain gray cassette shells with lamp black imprint, 6 panel J card, clear norelco case and factory sealed.
Orders from Dark Age Productions include exclusive pin (random pick of green or sepia dragon pin) and a download code for the digital version of the album that includes a 20+ minute bonus track not on the cassette!

Order: http://dark-age-productions.com/store/products/drachenfeuer-realm-of-light-cassette/

DRACHENFEUER Signs With Dark Age Productions

Drachenfeuer lineup photo epic tolkien ambient cinematic dungeon synth
Dark Age Productions is proud to announce signing of DRACHENFEUER for the release of the long hidden debut album entitled Realm of Light!
Composed by Jim Kirkwood and Alexander Wieser, this audio adventure will take the listener on a journey through middle earth that spans over 100 minutes on the Cassette version. The CD version is two CDs packaged in a lavish 6 panel digipack and includes a 20+ minute bonus track for over 120 minutes of Epic Tolkien Ambient / Cinematic Dungeon Synth!

Realm of Light will be released in January 2017 in a limited edition, pre-orders are open now:
2 CD Digipak: http://dark-age-productions.com/store/products/drachenfeuer-realm-of-light-2-cd-digipak
Cassette Tape: http://dark-age-productions.com/store/products/drachenfeuer-realm-of-light-cassette

Tears Of The Weeping Willow Now On Bandcamp

The re-mastered original tracks from Cernunnos Woods Tears Of The Weeping Willow demo are now available for streaming and download on Bandcamp.

CERNUNNOS WOODS T-shirts Available Now


Cernunnos Woods Tshirt dark ambient dungeon synth

The Cernunnos Woods – Tears Of The Weeping Willow T-shirts are in from the factory and are shipping now!

It’s been 21 years since the release of the legendary US dungeon synth demo Tears Of The Weeping Willow by Cernunnos Woods and finally the design has made it to a pro-quality screen print 100% cotton Gildan T-shirts.

Save $2 when you order from now until Halloween with coupon code: SAMHAIN

Get yours here: http://dark-age-productions.com/store/products/cernunnos-woods-forest-glade-tshirt/