Catacombs Enshadowed US dungeon synth dark ambient black metal vampiric atmosphereDark Age Productions is proud to announce the signing of CATACOMBS ENSHADOWED for the release of the debut album Curse of Dark Centuries on cassette tape.

CATACOMBS ENSHADOWED was born under the Master’s spell by a nameless devotee of unknown origin. Inspired by the ominous synth of Mortiis (Era I) and Lamentation, as well as the spirit of early black metal bands such as Abruptum, Demoncy, Archgoat, and Master’s Hammer. CATACOMBS ENSHADOWED creates eldritch dark dungeon music with morbid and funereal atmospheres. The debut offering ‘Curse of Dark Centuries’ is rooted in the melancholic traditions of the past, with seven doleful hymns of wampyric darkness. Kneel before the black altar and embrace the curse!

Curse of Dark Centuries will be issued on Cassette Tape in 100 copies with silver imprint on black shells. More details to be announced.



Dark age productions distributed by Code7 Plastichead ( PHD ) in UK Europe dungeon synth dark ambientDark Age Productions is very proud to announce a distribution agreement with Code7 / Plastichead (PHD) for dissemination of our CD releases to independent record shops and mail orders in the UK and Europe. Our first releases should begin appearing in the cool record stores in June. If you don’t see them on the shelf of your favorite shop ask for them and be sure to buy them at the shop – to support your local businesses and ensure they stock the new DAP releases for you without having to ask.

We hope to try and fill a small part of the void left when Cold Meat Industry closed the doors of their slaughterhouse. Spreading a new pandemic of high quality dark ambient, dungeon synth and electronic mayhem as far as possible – by any means necessary.

Distributors worldwide are invited to Contact Us for details on inoculation procedures.

AKHKHARU Nos Noctium Dominarium Pre-Orders Open

The 21st anniversary reissue of Akhkharu – Nos Noctium Dominarium is available now for download and pre-orders for the limited edition Cassette and CD version have been opened. Be sure not to miss out!



VAETTUR Signs With Dark Age Productions

Vættur Artist Photo dark ambient dungeon synthDark Age Productions is proud to announce the signing of VAETTUR. The debut album Einbúinn is in its entirety inspired by Icelandic nature and folklore. The compositions mirror the dramatic landscapes of the volcanic island; shifting from dim and bleak to majestic and imposing.

Both the CD and cassette editions of Einbúinn, to be released on Dark Age Productions in 2017 will contain the exclusive and particularly extensive bonus track Sólhvörf.