When I was a kid, my dad’s old roommate owned an underground T-shirt shop in Minneapolis. In those kinds of shops the t-shirts were made to order, you’d go in the shop and flip through these massive albums of artwork featuring bands, movie stars, naked women, funny sayings or just cool art that could be transferred onto any color & style shirt of your choice. When his shop closed he let me rummage through and pick out any designs I wanted.

Decades later I began collecting vintage iron ons and naturally I thought it would be cool to try and find a way to get some of those old fashioned iron ons made. They’re made with real plastisol screen printing ink, not modern inkjet sublimation prints. I’ve found a place who still makes them in the old way. So expect to see some of your favorite Dark Age Productions artists immortalized in vintage iron on transfer form! You’ll be able to put these designs onto any 100% cotton items you want, like: shirts, jean jackets, fabric tote bags… and have a one of a kind DIY item depending on what you decide to put it on.

The first iron on I’ve had made is the original DAP wizard, just to test out the idea and make sure it works with a humble $10 home clothing iron and not needing a professional heat press machine to apply the designs. It works, just like the vintage designs did.


If you’d like a DAP wizard iron on you can pick one up here. More designs to be announced soon!

Sombre Arcane’s “In Search of Adventure” Tour 2019

Dates for SOMBRE ARCANE’s 2019 Tour have been announced – be sure to check out their magical live show! Copies of their self titled CD release will be available at the shows – while supplies last.

11/01 – The Raven – Worcester, MA w/ Sciense, Pumpkin Witch, and Khand

11/02 – Joe Squared/Downsquares – Baltimore, MD w/ Vaelastrasz & USURPER

11/03 – Packrat Comics – Hilliard, OH w/ Haudh, Morihaus, and Diplodocus

11/04 – Quarters Rock N’ Roll Palace – Milwaukee, WI w/Plvgues and Redhorn Gate

11/05 – Vulpes Bastille – KC, MO w/ Sacra Saturni

11/06 – Glitter City – Denver, CO w/ Fogweaver, Mistveil, Ophelia Drowning, and Equine. Cryptic Explorers &Cave Evil will be running game as well.

11/08 – Celestial Rites – Tucson, AZ w/ Mors Certa, Cursed Ruins, and Caldon Glover

11/09 – The Black Cat – San Diego, CA w/ Vandalorum & Francis Roberts

11/10 – Sorting Facility – Paso Robles, CA w/ Malfet & Francis Roberts

11/11 – Jack London’s Sorting Facility – Oakland, CA w/ None, Docent, and Francis Roberts

11/12 – The Siren’s Song – Eureka, CA w/ FVRFVR, Francis Roberts, and Nan Elmoth

11/14 – The Waypost – Portland, OR w/ The Blood of Others, R.U.U.N.E, and Francis Roberts

11/15-17 – Seattle, WA – Dungeon Siege West


R.I.P. Nature Ganganbaigal of Tengger Cavalry

Pioneering Mongolian folk metal band Tengger Cavalry’s frontman Nature Ganganbaigal was reported found deceased on June 13th, 2019. Details of the incident have not yet been released – the world has lost a great musician. Tengger Cavalry was the first artist signed to the newly founded side-label of Dark Age Productions called Metal Hell Records in 2012. After hearing only one track: Galloping Steeds I arranged a contract for their first American release: Sunesu Cavalry on December 1st, 2012. The band went on to release The Expedition (aka Black Steed), Ancient Call, and a rerecording of the demo Blood Sacrifice Shaman with Metal Hell Records before moving on to the major indie-label Nuclear Blast. The final copies of the music and merchandise items released by Metal Hell / Dark Age Productions are listed on this site HERE and the Metal Hell Records website. Once these copies are gone they are gone and will not be reissued.

Ride swift my brother, across the great grasslands in Tengger’s glorious sky!
-Bard Algol

Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXIX

Dungeon Siege 2019 flier dungeon synth festivalHark! The last days of march will see the first US Dungeon Synth festival, the Northeast Dungeon Siege in Worcester, Massachusetts. Organized by our new artist SOMBRE ARCANE who will be performing at the festival in support of the CD release of their self titled debut which the band will have available at the festival. The response has been very positive to the festival (headlined by the legendary Mortiis) so check out the Dungeon Siege facebook page to see which days tickets are still available!