Do It Yourself Slide-Out Shelf For MIDI Controller

This is a fairly simple project that will allow you to modify your computer desk to have a second slide-out desktop which can hold your MIDI controller. In this case the one shown is a first generation M-Audio Axiom 61 Key controller.

Exact Dimensions of the guides and sliding shelf will depend on the dimensions of your desk. Instead of relying on my exact dimensions just copy the design in this diagram which shows the mounting of the guides on the ends of your desk under the desk top.

The guides are made from an 8 foot board of 1″ x 2″ cut down to fit along the length of the slide out shelf

The slide-out shelf is made from a 3/4″ thick piece of melamine coated chipboard cut down to 20″ x 46″. You must use a thick piece or the slide-out shelf will begin to bow from the weight of even a smaller light weight MIDI controller. Melamine is nice because it can be cleaned easier than plain wood.

Be sure to measure first and leave enough space for your MIDI controller ontop of the slide out shelf. The Axiom is the tallest keyboard I have due to its knobs and sliders so I made the top of the bottom guide sit 4 inches below the desk top and the Axiom just fits.

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