Dark Age Productions was started in 1994 by Bard Algol of Cernunnos Woods. The mission was to release medieval dark ambient, fantasy and avant-garde occult music side projects from 90s black metal bands – known collectively today as “dungeon synth”. Originally releasing only DIY cassette albums (and one double LP) in it’s early years from 1994 until 1998. The lights went out in the northern tower as Bard went on to create Battle Helm true metal magazine which was distributed worldwide by the now shuttered Tower Records chain and MPK Luxembourg.

In the later part of 2016 Dark Age Productions made its return to the underground to release high quality material from a new generation of medieval dark ambient artists performing in the old ways. As well as reissue select titles from the label’s past. New titles are professionally produced on CD and Cassette with as much emphasis on a quality visual presentation as a quality audio experience. CDs are distributed to independent record shops in the UK & Europe by Plastichead / Code 7 and in the US by Cobraside. Cassettes are distributed by select underground distributors.

We invite artists and listeners alike to join us on forays into the dark forests, across windy battlefields, though dripping caverns and empty dungeons.

Listen by candlelight…


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