Dark Age Productions was started in 1994 to release dark ambient, dungeon synth, medieval, electronic and avant-garde occult music. Originally releasing limited edition cassettes throughout it’s early existence from 1994 until 1998. Dark Age Productions was known for presenting some of the most intriguing experimental side projects of the 1990s black metal era from artists such as: Akhkharu, Akrabu, Cernunnos Woods, Equitant, Proscriptor, …The Soil Bleeds Black and Valor, among many others.

In the later part of 2016 Dark Age Productions made its official return to the underground to release new artists and reissue select titles from our past. Dark Age Productions releases are intended to take the listener on a journey to other times and places beyond mundane reality. Join us on forays into the dark forests, dripping caverns , windy battlefields and empty dungeons of chapel perilous.

Listen by candlelight…

If you have any old fliers or other old printed materials from Dark Age Productions early years please send us a scan or clear photograph of them and we’ll post them here and send you a special gift pack.

Dark Age Productions old flier dungeon synth dark ambient black metal

Approximately 1995 – yes DAP still has the same address 20+ years later!

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